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or earn interest using AnkerSavings

All you need to run an AnkerNode is 4000 ANK  our AnkerNodeWallet and  server.  If you don't want to run an AnkerNode you can run a AnkerSavings account. Download our wallet make sure you have 1000 ANK and press the Cold Staking button. Your coins will be locked for 90 days and you will receive interest on your coins without any hassles. 

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One Click Node

We have made node deployment as simple as one click for Windows so anyone can run a node.


The AnkerPlatform was designed for efficiency and speed in mind. With 30 second blocks

Anonymous Transactions

Fast anonymous transactions means that you don't have to give up privacy.

Digital Identity

Our off chain data AnkerPay allows companies and individuals to send to trusted parties with confidence and peace of mind.

Transaction Surety

Binding your email address is simple, fast and allows you to send using only a persons email address as alias.

Our set of upcoming features.


At AnkerPay we are building a future never imagined before. We set out to produce quality blockchain based tech that can spur adoption through ease of use.



We will add tokenized features to AnkerChain that will add the benefit of our Proof-of-Stake chain's speed to the mix. 


AnkerPay Wallet

As part of our effort to make digital assets accessible and easy to use, users will be able to swap leading crypto currencies in their AnkerWallet.



The easy to install AnkPlugin will integrate with any website and allow merchants to accept BTC and ANK payments and receive Fiat globally. 



The AnkerPlatform will allow users to create their own decentralized exchange by following a few basic steps. This will then be linked to all other orderbooks.

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