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AnkerPay is launched free of ICO, IEO's or large premines. Built by the community for the community. Join our Twitter, Telegram, Reddit or send us a mail to contribute to AnkerPay.

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AnkerPay is a community-based coin. Anyone can make a proposal for the future of AnkerPay and build the community. Node operators govern the chain by giving guidance about what happens next. Voting takes place every three months.



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Most frequent questions and answers

An AnkNode stabilizes the AnkerNetwork. AnkNodes support the network by maintaining a copy of the blockchain and process transactions. In addition to validating and broadcasting transactions, Anknodes also facilitate other events on the blockchain, such as our quarterly voting events.

In order to run an AnkNode you will need 4000 ANK. AnkNodes can also vote every 3 months on projects they deem important for the community to grow.

Cold Staking or AnkerSavings works like a savings account, you need a minimum of a 1000 ANK that will be locked up for 3 months, in return you receive interest paid out daily.

Blockchainagnostic swap means that you can transfer assets across any chain.

Transaction surety is a way in which users can send in certainty by using an alias or identifier. By binding their email address in their wallet to their address. Giving them the ability to send and receive using their email address.

The AnkerChain with the tools and services offered around it allows for an efficient way to build financial applications on it. Futures, options, and lending are a few examples of this.

The POS applications allow merchants, store owners, and stores to accept Bitcoin or ANK as payment but they will receive local currency. Corner stores can also instantly become a Bitcoin broker with the buy and sell function. Brokers can set their fee on the server.

The AnkerWallet is a multi-currency wallet that allows users to store their currencies and trade them in their wallet. This will grant new users the ease of use and flexibility they need. It also acts as an investment platform.

The ATM’s play a crucial role in spreading crypto to the unbanked masses of Africa and other developing nations. The unbanked portions of the world use cash to buy into crypto and need a place to cash out their investments. Similar to an exchange. Along with the POS and the wallet, it serves a vital function for these communities and will have a lasting impact.

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