Easy to use wallet

Manage Currencies

Use the multi-wallet and choose the crypto currencies you want to keep in your wallet.

AnkerWallet let you manage all your different types of currencies on one device. This makes it easier to access and manage your funds. Easy and accessible for everyday use.

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Track your Portfolio


Use our Portfolio to track your total coin balance

With the AnkerPay Wallet portfolio tracker adding your portfolio has never been easier. Add coins and tokens, manage and track your portfolio in one place.

Swap Cryptocurrency Seamlessly


Ankerswitch is an alternative cryptocurrency exchange where users have more control. Swap any 2 currencies seamlessly while still controlling the assets within your wallet.Ankswitch is an alternative cryptocurrency exchange where users have more control. 

1 – Pick the currency you want to exchange.

2 – Pick the currency you would like to receive it in.

3 – Put in the amount you would like to exchange.

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Refer and Earn

Get Rewarded

Use our referral system to refer friends and get rewards in the process.

In just a few easy steps you can get rewards by referring your friends. Copy the link that appears on your screen and share it via social apps. You will receive a commission rate of up to 35% of our fees that are deducted every time your referred friend makes a transaction on our wallet. At Anker we like to reward our users.

Cash transactions with ease

Cash Account

Pay using your actual cash with everything you need on our wallet. Easy, simple and safe.

Your details are entered on wallet and all you need to do is press ‘Scan and Pay’. Simple and easy transactions all on one device.¬†Link you crypto credit card to your wallet to make payments, top up your card, etc.

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