AnkerPay Ecosystem

Multicurrency Wallet

Keep track of your currencies through our innovative wallet that has everything you need

Anker ATM

Our ATM's allow you to purchase and sell crypto 

Anker POS

The point of sale systems will be an integral part of adoption

Anker Platform

That enables the creation of Decentralised financial applications


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Anker's community-driven quarterly voting makes new ideas possible and lets the network grow.

AnkerID. AnkerPlatform.





Use your email to send or receive the Cryptocurrency of your choice. Each email address is linked to an ANK address and gives corporate and individuals control over their transactions without confusing addresses. Transaction surety integration into the wallet and Anker servers will allow a trust-based exchange system to evolve and deliver a true currency.


AnkerSwaps can be made cross all chains unifying the crypto market. Send Bitcoin to a Dash user or vice versa. Giving users across the globe flexibility and freedom. The AnkerPlatform will run multiple chains parallel to each other giving AnkerPay cross chain control over transactions and creating a truly inter-operable environment.

Decentralized Financial Applications

Our Ankerswaps will enable cross-chain inter-operable swaps. These blockchain agnostic swaps will enable us to create new decentralized Finance applications including decentralized lending, decentralized options and futures trading.

Social Impact

The adoption approach that AnkerPay has taken is to give access and solutions directly to the people in need in sub-saharan africa and elsewhere enabling the lower echelons of society to partake in the revolutionary benefits given by distributed ledger technology and freeing them from the shackles of large banking fees.

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AnkerPay has set out on an task to create a single solution for all cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that binds them into a single payment solution to drive adoption for individuals and large institutions. Email send makes it simpler, Aliases makes payments safer, Proof of Stake makes it more efficient, AnkerSwaps makes it more convenient, AnkerPlatform inter-operability makes it the future.   

Banking for theUnbanked.


AnkerPay Identity service is used by all other services to create cryptographic proof verifying the ownership of an identity and ensuring the owner of the wallet is the only one who can make agreements and allows our artificial intelligence to assign a credit rating.


These blockchain agnostic swaps will enable us to create new decentralized Finance applications including decentralized lending, decentralized options and futures trading.


AnkerPay is building a comprehensive solution for the unbanked. This includes a mobile exchange, liquidity provider mechanism and a digital asset gateway. AnkerPay will not be controlled or owned by a single entity, instead it would be governed through a network of masternodes and community operators.


The AnkerPlatform

what makes it extraordinary.


Designed to be the most functional blockchain with elements that bring adoption with practical use-cases.

AnkerChain features:

  • One Click Node Setup
  • AnkerSavings
  • Anonymous Transactions
  • Transaction Surety
  • Intergrated Digital Identity
  • Community Driven

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